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Friday, 10 February 2012


Well, it is certain that the LBD (little black dress) is in perhaps every girl's wardrobe. Black. Stunning . Silhouette framing. You can never go wrong with a gorgeous black dress. Whether you wear it to work, going to lunch with a friend or a night out on the town with the girlies! Last summer seen the rise of the LWD (little white dress) and it seems that this S/S is no different at all. We've already seen how graceful and pretty Kate Moss looks in Louis Vuitton's beautiful tea dresses. So the question is, are you gonna work the LBD or rock the LWD?

 My LWD for this season is a gorgeous creamy white lace dress from the Chelsea Girl collection at river island. The slip underneath is kinda see-through so I would recommend buying something a little less fine. Other than that, it fits well and is super comfy, not too short and perfect for those long lazy summer days we're waiting for or even for heading out to some clubs! My LBD is a black lace dress by Pins and Needles from Urban Outfittters. I absolutely love this dress and love wearing it out Black is really flattering and really creates a pretty silhouette. I put a belt on this cause i felt the dress just a little too loose around my waist. Also, I was watching an episode of 90210 the other day and Annie is wearing the blue version of my dress! So if you wanna catch some Hollywood style glamour check out these gorgeous frocks!

I would like to apologise for the lack of blogging, I got a job at French Connection and I'm working a night job at a local bar. All of course so that I can afford my fashion obsession. Anyhoo I'll keep working and hopefully post something later on this weekend!
Please feel free to comment on your own choice, LWD or LBD! I love to hear your opinions and thoughts!


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Refresher's Week!

Ok so I've been busy with blogging, getting a job etc but also I've been super busy partying like a good university student should. Last night my mates and I met Basshunter and Max and OB from Hollyoaks. My mate ended up texting OB and Basshunter was hitting on me, I was his girl in black ;) lol

Here's a little photo.


Hi Fashionistas!!

Hi everyone, just letting you know I'm in the midst of doing a couple of reviews and posts at the moment, hopefully will get them up a.s.a.p. Until then I've got a little thought. Someone recommended that I change the name of my blog and honestly I agree with them. I'd like something a little more edgy so if anyone can think of anything and if I chose it for the new name I'll put a link to their blog on my page, just as a little thank you. So yeah any ideas, comments, suggestions on blogs to do; I love to hear it ALL! Feel free to comment away. And guess who got a job working in FCUK!


Monday, 30 January 2012


Hiya guys! so let's start the reviews!

I started my subscription to subscription last week. I thought i was pretty reasonable price of £12.95 (inc p+p) for this wonderful subscription and I can end it at any time but after this glossybox I don't think I will! It arrived today i.e 30/1/12 and it came in this gorgeous box. I've taken as many photos as I can, I can't make it too fancy as it is just a box but I was still getting some jealous stares as I collected it. It was a special edition due to Valentines day so it was in a pretty pink box and pink confetti.  I received 5 products:
  1. Eyeko- Skinny Eyeliner in Plum
  2. Clarins- Extra Firming Night Cream
  3. Clarins- Extra Firming Day Cream
  4. Fab- Gentle Body Wash
  5. Murad- Hybrids Perfecting Primer- Dewy Finish.
  6. Special little extra gift was an awesome little hard boiled pink sweet!
So the first product I tried was the eyeliner. I have hazel/green/brown colours and so this rich purpley plum colour was just perfect for my eye colour. Purple emphasises the greeness of eyes. The boxing is very simple but looks like a very good quality product. I had never tried this brand before but I would definitely recommend it and I would maybe like to try other colours and other make-up from them. I prefer to use liquid eyeliner but this pencil was so easy to apply and glided on easily and did not smudge after a day's wear yet I was able to blend it in very well. It stays sharp well and it's great for fine as well as thick lines. The box even gives you some hints as to how to apply it for different looks. 

The Clarins Firming Night Cream is what I am wearing just before I go to bed. It wasn't too thick yet still light enough as to not make my skin too oily. I have skin that can become quite oily and instead it has made it very smooth. I'm only 19 so I don't have that many wrinkles but I still feel this product has firmed. As a young person I don't really use moisturiser but the way the cream has left my skin I think I will start to. Of course this is the time when you need to look after your skin!

Again the Clarins Day Cream was of a blendable creamy texture and really nice on my skin. I put it on under my primer before I applied my foundation and it left my skin soft and I definitely felt it more firmer, even after one day! As well as my skin being oily it can also dry out really easily and this cream kept it firm and well moisturised all day even with applying powder foundation.

As I said I don't really use these sort of creams and as much as I really liked using them I think I will give them to my Mum as she is going away to Australia and India for 2 months so these little minis maybe good for her. I say they are great products even for my skin and I shall report back on my Mum's results when she uses them!! 
The Body Wash by Fab was actually a moisturiser, it must've been a typo perhaps? but other than that there was no problem whatsoever. Again I have never heard of this brand but I did like it. It's good for sensitive skin and I had no reaction to it as my skin on top of everything else is quite sensitive! There is no smell and there are "no parabens, harsh chemicals or colourants". It claimed to heal rough, dry skin and so I used a little on my face as I can get dry skin there and it certainly left it smoother. I applied some to my hands as they can get chapped in the cold weather and they definitely felt smoother and softer. It has a creamy smooth consistency and is easy to apply.

As much as I liked this product I think I'll also give this to my Mum as her hands get chapped a lot as she is an art teacher and she works with clay etc.

I tried the primer this evening. It took a little while to come out but I presume that's down to travel etc and that wasn't really a problem. The colour appeared a little dark but when I applied it to my face it blended in really well. At first I thought it was a little runny and that would be very oily but it is not at all like that. It blends in well and smoothes out the skin and definitely is a good primer for putting on either on its own or before foundation. I usually use L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer so this was really different from what I normally use but I was still very impressed!

I have yet to try the little sweet but it smells DEE-LISH!

Overall I loved this experience of the Glossybox. As I stated I would use these products but I think my Mum would put them to better use. Of course I applied to the Glossybox just before it was sent out so I was given what was already planned to go into the box. On finishing my subscription I was asked to answer a couple of questions that would help them cater to my skin type etc for my future subscriptions. I can safely say, for a student that has no money, it was well worth the money and the thrill of getting such a lovely package and the great goodies inside and I cannot wait for the next subscription!!

Listening to Ed Sheeran's album, "+" and drinking Clipper's Organic Nettle Tea in my student digs.  So good for anti-oxidants and feeling good! Thankfully all the people on my floor have went out. Lucky they don't have a 9am start like I do tomorrow!

Aoife xo

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hiya guys!

Just a little post to say that new posts are on the way! sorry it's taken so long but I've just got back up to university and i've been settling in and seeing my friends.
Having a lovely sunday with my better half, got taken out for dinner to the spot where we had our first date =].

I hope to have a new post tomoro so keep a look out for that. If you follow me on twitter you can have a good chat with me or if you want to add me on facebook contact me. I tweet when i have new posts so keep in touch!

We're listening to fleet foxes, very chilled. love these guys so much!

keep fashioning!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Let's Get Wild!!


Now that I've got your attention.

This season expect to see any glamorous and fashion-conscious lady prowling in what Vogue has stated as "Afrocentric" style. That means vibrant geometric, sharp patterns, ethnic, eccentric, edgey jewellery and the most gorgeous skins around!

L-R- Holly Fulton, Just Cavallli, Roberto Cavalli, Roberto Cavalli. Below images from ASOS and River Island. None of these images belong to me :)

I love this look especially Roberto Cavalli's blazer and waistcoat. I've also selected some things from the high street that certainly reflect the Afrocentric look. I am really liking the animal print Kaftan from ASOS with the fringing, very on trend! and this skater skirt from River Island will cinch in at your waist which is perfect considering this S/S12 is all about the figure-shaping design!

Also on the afrocentric agenda is the safari look. If you're not being the hunted you are the hunter as you can see from these awesome items I've picked out!
L-R- Loewe, Just Cavalli, Michael Kors, Laurel. These images do not belong to me! =]

In contrast with the wild patterns and designs that make up the Afrocentric trend, the clean lines and neutral colours of the safari theme are just as fab. I am loving this shirt dress from www.riverisland.com and this fedora hat from www.topshop.com. I will definitely be purchasing these items. Also this jacket from www.marksandspencer.com I think really has an authentic outdoors African safari feel to it.

So whether you want to be hunted or be the hunter this season, there's a look for everyone!

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday I was taking a break and I'm heading out tonight with the girls so I'll hopefully have another post up tomorrow. 
Until then my fashion lovers!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Paris in the Summer? Oui, oui!

I realise there are a lot of seasonal trends, it's so overwhelming but I'm trying my best to get through them and keep you entertained until I get all my internet buys! As well as those delightful pastel colours and floral patterns there is a very strong sense of parisian chic setting in with pretty dresses, elegant hairstyles and heavy focus on the efficient and classic style of handbag.
However this style has been given an edge with cut-outs, gorgeous textures, feathers, frills and fringing.
L-R- Fendi, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Kate Moss-Louis Vuitton. Not my images guys!!
I am loving this the very neat and clean styling by Fendi, it looks really sophisticated but still has a great feminine feel to it. Notice the way that up-dos are very popular, showcasing the elegant female silhouette whilst maintaining a practical element to these styles.

I recently purchased 2 shirt dresses from www.boohoo.com and I'll do a post on them when I get them. Great prices and the sale is fab!
If you're looking for the more sharp androgynous look head to www.uniqlo.com to get some shirts. I bought my white shirt from there because you can never go wrong with a classic styled white shirt and they use gorgeous fabrics at really great prices! I hope to help yous out with where to get your clothes in a little more detail but for now these are two really great sites to get some gorgeous on-trend dresses, classic tees and shirts and some good end of Jan. bargains for F/W12!!

So that's parisian chic, floral patterns, pastels, texturing covered... There is not enough time in the world!! I am listening to John Legend Neil Young and Dean Martin atm. Nice and chilled!

Aoife xo

Another day...

Hey y'all!!
This post isn't really about fashion but just what I did today, I made a pasta bake which I like to make when I'm up at university cause it's so easy to make and then me and my friends can sit down to a proper meal, before we hit the town!! lol 

So it's basically cooking the pasta, frying the chicken once they're both cooked put in a dish, add your sauce, I like to put grated cheese over mine with some pepper and parsley. This time I also sliced tomatoes and placed over the top. As you can see I ran outta cheese and tomatoes cause usually I would put a lot on it. This time I also added some all spice over the top just to add a little kick to it. Once all is in the dish place in a pre-heated oven of about 190*C for around 15-20 or until the cheese is nicely browned. Then you're ready to stuff your face! lol I was drinking Marks and Spencers apple presse, it's rather mild but it's very refreshing. You should try this, it's healthy and you can try all sorts of different sauces and add all sorts of tasty things to it!

I took this photo while I was waiting on my pasta bake. I love this statue so much. My mum has all sorts of little funny things in the garden. I really feel that this photo has a sense of calm and it makes a blustery, very windy, chilly day seem that little bit calm. 

I have had such a busy day. Didn't go to bed at all last night then I ended up sleeping from 10 to half 4! Then I got accepted for IBF so I've had a flurry of lovely bloggers adding me and giving me so much great advice, for you people, HELLO!! and thank you!

Anyway, I must go on and sort out some more posts.
Lots of love, Aoife xo

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Putting the Spring in Patterns!

Hi again! The time is exactly 6.26AM where I am and I have not slept due to my internet-ing. Plus I found out that paisley is going to be a popular pattern this S/S12. I have bad memories of this pattern, yes I know, that's ridiculous but think bad ex-boyfriend/cheating/lies and there you go! Don't judge me on faults of the heart! lol So I was not exactly glad to see that Matthew Williamson had incorporated this pattern which prior to the nightmarish relationship with the devil himself, I actually loved. So yes I went a did a little on-line retail therapy and I can safely say I have enough clothes for the entire S/S seasons! I'm thinking positive now and hoping that this season will give me a new take on the pattern and that the new boyfriend will make sure of only good memories! hehe
So yes bought a gorgeous very pale pink fitted dress as well as 2 shirt dresses and a pair of nude/pale grey high heels. When they arrive I'll do a blog on them. OH and major news, I subscribed to GlossyBox!! So YAY!! Of course and I'll be doing a review on that too lol

So yes onto the seasonal patterns. The one that seems to be standing out the most is the floral pattern. Flirty, fun, and oh so pretty but with a very glamorous twist we are seeing this pattern growing all over the catwalk and we are LOVING IT! It seems that this season is all about femininity. Note the way the designs maybe not necessarily be skin tight but more clinging to the form emphasising the female body contours in the most complimenting and elegant way possible.

L-R- Chloé, Mary Katrantzou, Mary Katrantzou, Matthew Williamson. These images are not mine they are from the Vogue website or other sites.

I am especially liking the fact that the floral pattern which may not be to every woman's taste has a lot of different styles and prints. From Chloé we see the typical pretty pasteled feminine approach and with Katrantzou we have both bright colours while one being very pretty the other style is really rather striking and bold. Matthew Williamson has created what I think is a very simple, wearable and absolutely fab style, teaming a silky, sexy floral patterned shirt with this amazing aqua blue colour of fitted trousers! I know I am gonna be loving this colour this season!

So I'm trying to get my posts out as quickly as I can so I'm posting this then continuing work on all the other patterns, designs and styles of this S/S. Can't wait to get back to uni where all my on-line buys will be waiting for me!! I assure you once I'm finished this rush (due to only starting the blog yesterday) I will be more on-top of the fashion, giving it fast and furious! =P

Listening to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Loving their song, Home.

Lots of love til then, xo

The Pastel Parade!

Hiya! How is everyone keeping?
Right so there are some "luh-vel-leee" key trends this spring/summer so I thought I would take a little time to point them out and show some examples! In an upcoming post I'll be showing some of things I bought for the upcoming season as well as helping you find those bargains and the top styles for less.

Firstly, I am going to focus on Pastels. They are dreamy, refreshing, cute colours that can soften any outfit.
I've selected some of my favourite examples of pastels on the catwalk.
L-R- Lagerfield at Chanel, Phillip Lim, Michael Sontag and Mulberry. All these images are from the internet and I don't own them!

I'm loving these colours they really have the feeling of spring. Note the statement shopper by Mulberry and their use of the striping which will come in later on with the deckchair pattern style. Pastels seem to work well in colour blocking. So clean-cut, totally awesome and pretty while still looking effortless.

L-R- Ralph Lauren, Versace, Versace, Christian Dior. Again none of these photos are mine and I got them from trawling through the internet for hours!

Loving the pale lavenders from Ralph Lauren though I don't know if I would have the guts to wear a sheer top without a bra! Very cute mint green and pale aqua blue dresses from Donatella Versace and this flowing, elegant almost white but still green chiffon dress from Dior tell us that these almost not there colours are very in this season! Clearly the lack of layering and the light clothing also tell us that we're going to have a lovely spring. Somehow I doubt so in Ireland and the UK anyway! lol

L-R- Louis Vuitton. Top Right-Prada. Bottom Right- Versace. Once more, these images do not belong to me and I found them on various websites.

Loving these cool and fresh colours From Vuitton, Prada and Versace. We're seeing the gorgeous bowling bag style as well as pretty detailed patterns and sharp and geometrical shapes all whilst still maintaining the emphasis on the female silhouette. Pure Gorgeous! Very definite 50's style as well. Think 50's housewife meets Desperate Housewives!! haha

I realise I'm starting these posts a little late but it's technically still winter and I did only start blogging... last night! I will try to get as much done as possible so that you are in the know-how for S/S12 and then I will start into F/W12 so that you can catch any sales etc. For now I am going to enjoy wearing my tartan, berry colours and knee-high sheep skin boots. You should too! If you've got any ideas on this season's focus on pastels as well as your own favourites etc let me know. I love to hear other people's likes and dislikes, especially when it comes to fashion, or music, or anything!

It is about 4am where I am and I am listening to a genius mix on my I-Pod. Think Otis Redding, Amy Winehouse, John Legend, Prince and Rihanna, Gil Scott-Heron. Very laid back and chilled.

Well, hope this gave you some ideas and insight into the pastel trend.
Byee!! xo

Picture Yourself in Prada!

Hi everyone!! Just a quick little note on something. I'm currently working on two more posts but this lil one is about a current thing so just posting it now.

Some fun going on at Facebook!? If you head to Prada's page and like it, you'll see they're doing this super cool thing called 24 Hour Museum. You upload a picture of yourself and it gets featured on the website. Pretty cool, eh? Plus you can edit it with pretty frames and these funky looking dramatic "tears" lol.
This is my portrait. How about go check it out and post me your portraits!?

Anyway, must keep on working on these other posts.
Bye for now! xo

Monday, 23 January 2012

Blazer Party!

Hiya! So I posted a little while back about finding some nice stuff up in my attic. One cute little navy blazer and this mad looking bright red blazer. When I found it first I thought it was very Lady Gaga, I don't know why. I've teamed it just with some shorts and a white tee although I imagine Gaga wearing it with very little else, the crazy woman! Genius though she is haha! The navy blazer is intended for any future interviews I have although I may be wearing it more than that because I just adore the mid length sleeves. I found some other things but it was late in the day so the lighting wasn't great. Found an amazing fur coat, very old but the photos didn't come out right except for the one with the little brooch on it. I'll see if I can get some more another day.

The red blazer I think will be great for the summer; it's very light and the bright colour is tying in with the candy colours that's trending this S/S12. Also I may be wearing out either with some nice skinny jeans or a little party dress. It's a little oversized, (my mum was never that size?! lol) but I think that lends a little charm to the item.

The navy blazer is set against a gorgeous pale pink silky-feely chiffon shirt my Mum (of all people!) bought in River Island last summer I think. It's a beautiful pale dusty pink but I think it is going to look great this summer with all these lovely pastel colours that will be in fashion! I just tucked the front part of my shirt in cause I think it makes it look neat yet gives a real edgy class. Plus this sorta thing was very popular from looking at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that happened quite recently in Berlin. If you're trying out an outfit maybe give this look a whirl and let me know how you get on! =]

I don't know if I could wear this coat, certainly more for winter time and it is VERY old. I believe it belonged to a woman that raised my Dad which means it's like 50 years old? maybe older. The brooch is gorgeous so I'll definitely have to find some way of incorporating this into my clothes this spring/summer. Again, please pardon the shoddy photos!

Currently, I am listening to Hearts On Fire by Cut Copy. Love the video, very electro-funk/pop-indie haha

Anyhoo, next time I should hopefully be blogging about all the things I bought on-line, hopefully!!
Until then, my fashion/music/anything lovers xo


So I didn't get up til late today so when I went to take some photos the lighting wasn't too great. This is what I was wearing today. Kind of got my idea from Lana Del Rey as there is a photo of her and she's rocking some awesome heart-shaped shades and a white tee. I think the white tee and jeans look is so easy to work and it's so simple and great looking. I jazzed it up a bit by wearing it with shorts and some gold jewellery, a cross and some Hamsa hands (not a conflict of religions lol) I love wearing this top cause it makes the look very relaxed yet it's still very feminine cause it's almost off the shoulder.

I'm also wearing my Chanel perfume that my mum and dad got me for Christmas. As you can see I've used a lot! I have a cousin who I have almost idolised all my life. Besides her great personality she has amazing fashion sense and she is known as the very glamorous one in my wider family. She always smells great. You just know it's her. I wanted that same sort of effect. A scent that just reminds you of a particular person. Like a signature scent, so I got this and I love it. It's floral but sweet and it just smells fabulous. I like getting a bargain but when it comes to things like perfume I think it's ok to spend a little extra. Pardon the terrible photography but I was on my own today and my camera is TERRIBLE!
Anyways, til next time, stay safe xo

Top- Topshop
Shorts- A-Wear
Belt- Vintage
Hamsa Hand Necklace- Argento and Accessorize
Cross Necklace- Miss Selfridge

Upstairs finds....

So it's about 2pm where I am and I'm just up! hopefully my sleeping pattern will be sorted out before I head back to uni. SO, was picking out my clothes for the interview, got a shirt, boots, and a couple of other things. My wardrobe isn't very mature/mid-twenties woman cause I'm only 19 but hopefully these buys will give it that modern business lady chic =p.
When I head back to the city I'm gonna be buying some epic looking ankle length trousers and a blazer. I'll have photos and more info on that later in the week.
For now my focus is on a little blazer I FOUND... in my attic!! I've only got a pic I took of it when I found it  about say 4 years ago so that explains the dodgy photography, terrible posing =S etc. I absolutely LOVE this blazer. It's soooo cute and it could be worn for an interview, casual or even going out if you team with some neat-looking clothes. I'm gonna get photos sorted this week so you'll be able to see my finds. One of my mates last summer was wearing this gorgeous pale pink chiffon shirt, very elegant, gorgeous. Where did she get it? HER GRANNY! Yes! Now my gran's wardrobe isn't too great but my attic has some amazing looking clothes that my mum had bought in the 80's/90's. So I advise you, explore, search, plunder! And I always try to remember, sometimes things don't look great on a hanger, so try them them on! That's some of the fun about shopping; the dress-up! lol

Toodles, xo

P.s I'm currently listening to the Cults. The Cults album. Very Spring/Summer. Cute dootsey music. Think they'll be big. I was right about Gotye and Kimbra so yeah check them out =). Plus I'm using this great app for editing photos from the Google Chrome site. It's very fun. My boyfriend is getting annoyed at all our photos ending up looking "vintage"  all the time lol

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Retailing to Therapise?

Ok just a little update, think I'm gonna have some  fun in the next week or so. Had a rough day today so last night and tonight I spent my time on-line shopping. I'll maybe post some photos up of what I bought etc. maybe do a little review of some of the websites. I don't mean to be bragging about the clothes or anything just showing what I got and where I got it cause it can be tough trying to find on-line stores that sell stuff that's a little different and even knowing when and where to get the fashion for less. I have a job interview coming up this week so I've been trying to style for that as well as picking up some cute little things.
Bye for now,
A xo


So I have decided to start a blog. "I" means nothing to you. Yet. I see other bloggers and they have all these amazing ideas or maybe they're writing reviews or something and I guess I want a slice of the action.

I think I have some good ideas, views about things, all with a bit of humour on the side; I try to be a people-pleaser but I do have my own mind! And I certainly like to speak it!

Of course all the cliché favourites: I love music, fashion, movies, art, all that jazz. I like to take photos, I don't call myself a photographer and I am certainly not photogenic i.e. I'm a blinker ;). I play music, I am a musician but not that great. I make art but that's not great either. So I guess there's no reason to even look at this load of rubbish but I think my eccentric personality and zeal for my favourite things (cue Sound of Music "Favourite Things") will make this blog an interesting one. Plus I stay up late and that is when ALL my great ideas come to form... yes, that was sarcasm.

Well for now goodbye but I'm gonna be on my feet looking for inspiration for this blog. Byeeeeee.