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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Putting the Spring in Patterns!

Hi again! The time is exactly 6.26AM where I am and I have not slept due to my internet-ing. Plus I found out that paisley is going to be a popular pattern this S/S12. I have bad memories of this pattern, yes I know, that's ridiculous but think bad ex-boyfriend/cheating/lies and there you go! Don't judge me on faults of the heart! lol So I was not exactly glad to see that Matthew Williamson had incorporated this pattern which prior to the nightmarish relationship with the devil himself, I actually loved. So yes I went a did a little on-line retail therapy and I can safely say I have enough clothes for the entire S/S seasons! I'm thinking positive now and hoping that this season will give me a new take on the pattern and that the new boyfriend will make sure of only good memories! hehe
So yes bought a gorgeous very pale pink fitted dress as well as 2 shirt dresses and a pair of nude/pale grey high heels. When they arrive I'll do a blog on them. OH and major news, I subscribed to GlossyBox!! So YAY!! Of course and I'll be doing a review on that too lol

So yes onto the seasonal patterns. The one that seems to be standing out the most is the floral pattern. Flirty, fun, and oh so pretty but with a very glamorous twist we are seeing this pattern growing all over the catwalk and we are LOVING IT! It seems that this season is all about femininity. Note the way the designs maybe not necessarily be skin tight but more clinging to the form emphasising the female body contours in the most complimenting and elegant way possible.

L-R- ChloĆ©, Mary Katrantzou, Mary Katrantzou, Matthew Williamson. These images are not mine they are from the Vogue website or other sites.

I am especially liking the fact that the floral pattern which may not be to every woman's taste has a lot of different styles and prints. From ChloƩ we see the typical pretty pasteled feminine approach and with Katrantzou we have both bright colours while one being very pretty the other style is really rather striking and bold. Matthew Williamson has created what I think is a very simple, wearable and absolutely fab style, teaming a silky, sexy floral patterned shirt with this amazing aqua blue colour of fitted trousers! I know I am gonna be loving this colour this season!

So I'm trying to get my posts out as quickly as I can so I'm posting this then continuing work on all the other patterns, designs and styles of this S/S. Can't wait to get back to uni where all my on-line buys will be waiting for me!! I assure you once I'm finished this rush (due to only starting the blog yesterday) I will be more on-top of the fashion, giving it fast and furious! =P

Listening to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Loving their song, Home.

Lots of love til then, xo


  1. amazing that you just started, loving what you have so far. super excited to see the rest...
    loving matthew williamson, btw. so fab

    xx shari

  2. I love the pants in the third photo! Great post!

    XX Hilary

  3. I know I might put up some more of his things cause his line for S/S12 is just beautiful! I'll be doing a post on how to get these looks on the highstreet so keep a look out!

    Yeah Katrantzou has some gorgeous quirky designs for this season! Thankyou both for commenting! i'll check out your blog Shari ana and i'm already following you Hilary lol
    Aoife, xo

  4. Love those outfits!

    Steph and Amber