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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Retailing to Therapise?

Ok just a little update, think I'm gonna have some  fun in the next week or so. Had a rough day today so last night and tonight I spent my time on-line shopping. I'll maybe post some photos up of what I bought etc. maybe do a little review of some of the websites. I don't mean to be bragging about the clothes or anything just showing what I got and where I got it cause it can be tough trying to find on-line stores that sell stuff that's a little different and even knowing when and where to get the fashion for less. I have a job interview coming up this week so I've been trying to style for that as well as picking up some cute little things.
Bye for now,
A xo


  1. awww congrats on your job interview :) i have one coming up to.. and yeah you should definitely show what you bought xxx


  2. awww thank you! I'm new to this blogging thing so just getting started. checked out your blog, you have amazing taste in shoes! lol xo