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Sunday, 22 January 2012


So I have decided to start a blog. "I" means nothing to you. Yet. I see other bloggers and they have all these amazing ideas or maybe they're writing reviews or something and I guess I want a slice of the action.

I think I have some good ideas, views about things, all with a bit of humour on the side; I try to be a people-pleaser but I do have my own mind! And I certainly like to speak it!

Of course all the cliché favourites: I love music, fashion, movies, art, all that jazz. I like to take photos, I don't call myself a photographer and I am certainly not photogenic i.e. I'm a blinker ;). I play music, I am a musician but not that great. I make art but that's not great either. So I guess there's no reason to even look at this load of rubbish but I think my eccentric personality and zeal for my favourite things (cue Sound of Music "Favourite Things") will make this blog an interesting one. Plus I stay up late and that is when ALL my great ideas come to form... yes, that was sarcasm.

Well for now goodbye but I'm gonna be on my feet looking for inspiration for this blog. Byeeeeee.


  1. Perhaps I can help you decide what to write about. I have quite a few blogs:
    You may use this link to take a look.

  2. Aw thanks, I'll go check it out now! =]