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Monday, 23 January 2012

Blazer Party!

Hiya! So I posted a little while back about finding some nice stuff up in my attic. One cute little navy blazer and this mad looking bright red blazer. When I found it first I thought it was very Lady Gaga, I don't know why. I've teamed it just with some shorts and a white tee although I imagine Gaga wearing it with very little else, the crazy woman! Genius though she is haha! The navy blazer is intended for any future interviews I have although I may be wearing it more than that because I just adore the mid length sleeves. I found some other things but it was late in the day so the lighting wasn't great. Found an amazing fur coat, very old but the photos didn't come out right except for the one with the little brooch on it. I'll see if I can get some more another day.

The red blazer I think will be great for the summer; it's very light and the bright colour is tying in with the candy colours that's trending this S/S12. Also I may be wearing out either with some nice skinny jeans or a little party dress. It's a little oversized, (my mum was never that size?! lol) but I think that lends a little charm to the item.

The navy blazer is set against a gorgeous pale pink silky-feely chiffon shirt my Mum (of all people!) bought in River Island last summer I think. It's a beautiful pale dusty pink but I think it is going to look great this summer with all these lovely pastel colours that will be in fashion! I just tucked the front part of my shirt in cause I think it makes it look neat yet gives a real edgy class. Plus this sorta thing was very popular from looking at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that happened quite recently in Berlin. If you're trying out an outfit maybe give this look a whirl and let me know how you get on! =]

I don't know if I could wear this coat, certainly more for winter time and it is VERY old. I believe it belonged to a woman that raised my Dad which means it's like 50 years old? maybe older. The brooch is gorgeous so I'll definitely have to find some way of incorporating this into my clothes this spring/summer. Again, please pardon the shoddy photos!

Currently, I am listening to Hearts On Fire by Cut Copy. Love the video, very electro-funk/pop-indie haha

Anyhoo, next time I should hopefully be blogging about all the things I bought on-line, hopefully!!
Until then, my fashion/music/anything lovers xo


  1. Hey! Thanks for your comment! I love the red blazer :)

    xx maisondepaul.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks, I'll try get more photos of it with better styles when I get a chance! =] love your blog btw

    Aoife xo

  3. Both these outfits are so cute on you :)


    Tamara B.