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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Picture Yourself in Prada!

Hi everyone!! Just a quick little note on something. I'm currently working on two more posts but this lil one is about a current thing so just posting it now.

Some fun going on at Facebook!? If you head to Prada's page and like it, you'll see they're doing this super cool thing called 24 Hour Museum. You upload a picture of yourself and it gets featured on the website. Pretty cool, eh? Plus you can edit it with pretty frames and these funky looking dramatic "tears" lol.
This is my portrait. How about go check it out and post me your portraits!?

Anyway, must keep on working on these other posts.
Bye for now! xo


  1. I just did my portrait! Such a cool idea. I think I'm going to feature this on my blog also, to get the word out there before the museum is over. Thanks for the idea, and I'm also following back now!
    Have a great night!

  2. haha i know!! i love when designers do things like this, it's like they're trying to communicate with everyone not just the people that can afford all the expensive things. some really funny portaits aswell. some one put up a pic of hulk hogan with a tear lol