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Monday, 30 January 2012


Hiya guys! so let's start the reviews!

I started my subscription to subscription last week. I thought i was pretty reasonable price of £12.95 (inc p+p) for this wonderful subscription and I can end it at any time but after this glossybox I don't think I will! It arrived today i.e 30/1/12 and it came in this gorgeous box. I've taken as many photos as I can, I can't make it too fancy as it is just a box but I was still getting some jealous stares as I collected it. It was a special edition due to Valentines day so it was in a pretty pink box and pink confetti.  I received 5 products:
  1. Eyeko- Skinny Eyeliner in Plum
  2. Clarins- Extra Firming Night Cream
  3. Clarins- Extra Firming Day Cream
  4. Fab- Gentle Body Wash
  5. Murad- Hybrids Perfecting Primer- Dewy Finish.
  6. Special little extra gift was an awesome little hard boiled pink sweet!
So the first product I tried was the eyeliner. I have hazel/green/brown colours and so this rich purpley plum colour was just perfect for my eye colour. Purple emphasises the greeness of eyes. The boxing is very simple but looks like a very good quality product. I had never tried this brand before but I would definitely recommend it and I would maybe like to try other colours and other make-up from them. I prefer to use liquid eyeliner but this pencil was so easy to apply and glided on easily and did not smudge after a day's wear yet I was able to blend it in very well. It stays sharp well and it's great for fine as well as thick lines. The box even gives you some hints as to how to apply it for different looks. 

The Clarins Firming Night Cream is what I am wearing just before I go to bed. It wasn't too thick yet still light enough as to not make my skin too oily. I have skin that can become quite oily and instead it has made it very smooth. I'm only 19 so I don't have that many wrinkles but I still feel this product has firmed. As a young person I don't really use moisturiser but the way the cream has left my skin I think I will start to. Of course this is the time when you need to look after your skin!

Again the Clarins Day Cream was of a blendable creamy texture and really nice on my skin. I put it on under my primer before I applied my foundation and it left my skin soft and I definitely felt it more firmer, even after one day! As well as my skin being oily it can also dry out really easily and this cream kept it firm and well moisturised all day even with applying powder foundation.

As I said I don't really use these sort of creams and as much as I really liked using them I think I will give them to my Mum as she is going away to Australia and India for 2 months so these little minis maybe good for her. I say they are great products even for my skin and I shall report back on my Mum's results when she uses them!! 
The Body Wash by Fab was actually a moisturiser, it must've been a typo perhaps? but other than that there was no problem whatsoever. Again I have never heard of this brand but I did like it. It's good for sensitive skin and I had no reaction to it as my skin on top of everything else is quite sensitive! There is no smell and there are "no parabens, harsh chemicals or colourants". It claimed to heal rough, dry skin and so I used a little on my face as I can get dry skin there and it certainly left it smoother. I applied some to my hands as they can get chapped in the cold weather and they definitely felt smoother and softer. It has a creamy smooth consistency and is easy to apply.

As much as I liked this product I think I'll also give this to my Mum as her hands get chapped a lot as she is an art teacher and she works with clay etc.

I tried the primer this evening. It took a little while to come out but I presume that's down to travel etc and that wasn't really a problem. The colour appeared a little dark but when I applied it to my face it blended in really well. At first I thought it was a little runny and that would be very oily but it is not at all like that. It blends in well and smoothes out the skin and definitely is a good primer for putting on either on its own or before foundation. I usually use L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer so this was really different from what I normally use but I was still very impressed!

I have yet to try the little sweet but it smells DEE-LISH!

Overall I loved this experience of the Glossybox. As I stated I would use these products but I think my Mum would put them to better use. Of course I applied to the Glossybox just before it was sent out so I was given what was already planned to go into the box. On finishing my subscription I was asked to answer a couple of questions that would help them cater to my skin type etc for my future subscriptions. I can safely say, for a student that has no money, it was well worth the money and the thrill of getting such a lovely package and the great goodies inside and I cannot wait for the next subscription!!

Listening to Ed Sheeran's album, "+" and drinking Clipper's Organic Nettle Tea in my student digs.  So good for anti-oxidants and feeling good! Thankfully all the people on my floor have went out. Lucky they don't have a 9am start like I do tomorrow!

Aoife xo

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