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Monday, 23 January 2012


So I didn't get up til late today so when I went to take some photos the lighting wasn't too great. This is what I was wearing today. Kind of got my idea from Lana Del Rey as there is a photo of her and she's rocking some awesome heart-shaped shades and a white tee. I think the white tee and jeans look is so easy to work and it's so simple and great looking. I jazzed it up a bit by wearing it with shorts and some gold jewellery, a cross and some Hamsa hands (not a conflict of religions lol) I love wearing this top cause it makes the look very relaxed yet it's still very feminine cause it's almost off the shoulder.

I'm also wearing my Chanel perfume that my mum and dad got me for Christmas. As you can see I've used a lot! I have a cousin who I have almost idolised all my life. Besides her great personality she has amazing fashion sense and she is known as the very glamorous one in my wider family. She always smells great. You just know it's her. I wanted that same sort of effect. A scent that just reminds you of a particular person. Like a signature scent, so I got this and I love it. It's floral but sweet and it just smells fabulous. I like getting a bargain but when it comes to things like perfume I think it's ok to spend a little extra. Pardon the terrible photography but I was on my own today and my camera is TERRIBLE!
Anyways, til next time, stay safe xo

Top- Topshop
Shorts- A-Wear
Belt- Vintage
Hamsa Hand Necklace- Argento and Accessorize
Cross Necklace- Miss Selfridge

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