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Monday, 23 January 2012

Upstairs finds....

So it's about 2pm where I am and I'm just up! hopefully my sleeping pattern will be sorted out before I head back to uni. SO, was picking out my clothes for the interview, got a shirt, boots, and a couple of other things. My wardrobe isn't very mature/mid-twenties woman cause I'm only 19 but hopefully these buys will give it that modern business lady chic =p.
When I head back to the city I'm gonna be buying some epic looking ankle length trousers and a blazer. I'll have photos and more info on that later in the week.
For now my focus is on a little blazer I FOUND... in my attic!! I've only got a pic I took of it when I found it  about say 4 years ago so that explains the dodgy photography, terrible posing =S etc. I absolutely LOVE this blazer. It's soooo cute and it could be worn for an interview, casual or even going out if you team with some neat-looking clothes. I'm gonna get photos sorted this week so you'll be able to see my finds. One of my mates last summer was wearing this gorgeous pale pink chiffon shirt, very elegant, gorgeous. Where did she get it? HER GRANNY! Yes! Now my gran's wardrobe isn't too great but my attic has some amazing looking clothes that my mum had bought in the 80's/90's. So I advise you, explore, search, plunder! And I always try to remember, sometimes things don't look great on a hanger, so try them them on! That's some of the fun about shopping; the dress-up! lol

Toodles, xo

P.s I'm currently listening to the Cults. The Cults album. Very Spring/Summer. Cute dootsey music. Think they'll be big. I was right about Gotye and Kimbra so yeah check them out =). Plus I'm using this great app for editing photos from the Google Chrome site. It's very fun. My boyfriend is getting annoyed at all our photos ending up looking "vintage"  all the time lol

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