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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Paris in the Summer? Oui, oui!

I realise there are a lot of seasonal trends, it's so overwhelming but I'm trying my best to get through them and keep you entertained until I get all my internet buys! As well as those delightful pastel colours and floral patterns there is a very strong sense of parisian chic setting in with pretty dresses, elegant hairstyles and heavy focus on the efficient and classic style of handbag.
However this style has been given an edge with cut-outs, gorgeous textures, feathers, frills and fringing.
L-R- Fendi, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Kate Moss-Louis Vuitton. Not my images guys!!
I am loving this the very neat and clean styling by Fendi, it looks really sophisticated but still has a great feminine feel to it. Notice the way that up-dos are very popular, showcasing the elegant female silhouette whilst maintaining a practical element to these styles.

I recently purchased 2 shirt dresses from www.boohoo.com and I'll do a post on them when I get them. Great prices and the sale is fab!
If you're looking for the more sharp androgynous look head to www.uniqlo.com to get some shirts. I bought my white shirt from there because you can never go wrong with a classic styled white shirt and they use gorgeous fabrics at really great prices! I hope to help yous out with where to get your clothes in a little more detail but for now these are two really great sites to get some gorgeous on-trend dresses, classic tees and shirts and some good end of Jan. bargains for F/W12!!

So that's parisian chic, floral patterns, pastels, texturing covered... There is not enough time in the world!! I am listening to John Legend Neil Young and Dean Martin atm. Nice and chilled!

Aoife xo


  1. I love the white eyelet dress! It's beautiful!

  2. I know, isn't it!! I wouldnt be the greatest fan of kate moss but I think she looks absolutely beautiful in this! it's so pretty.